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    Minutes for LSARC meeting of August 12, 2017 

    Meeting was brought to order by Rudy, KE5MUE at 4:50 at First Christion Church, 763 Passion Play Rd. Eureka Springs, AR.

    Minutes from previous meeting : Still need a license for our club trailer. Our Thursday night net is receiving very low participation on our UHF repeater. 444.250 with a tone of 100.0. The net starts at 8:30 pm/20:30 hours for KA3MEN. We ere also encouraged to participate in the Shell Knob on 145.210 with NO tone at 9:00pm/21:00 hours for KA3MEN. Jim KC0GDV moved to accept, minutes as read, Anna KG5FD seconded. "I’s" unanimous.

    Treasure’s report : Previous balance $1,139.50 Payouts to Carroll Electric and pic nick supplies $ Deposits $255.00 New balance $1,303.27

    Old business: Solar panels costs, $359.52, will be 3 panels for mounting on our repeater tower. Power grid, Carroll Electric, will not be terminated so it will be our backup. There is a minimum charge which will not change.

    Edwin, KD0GUE, after he installs the panels we will also install a protective circuit (surge protector) which will cost about $200.

    New business: Our next technician class will be November 4 & 11, 8:00am to 4:00pm with the test to follow at or before 6:00pm. John, KA3MEN, brought up the need for a controller for our repeaters so we can control them remotely to satisfy regulations.

    Next meeting scheduled: September 9th at First Christian Church on Passion Play Road at 4:00pm.

    Attendance: ( 26 ) In no specific order, Jim & Pat McCarthy KC0GDV – KD0PQM, John & Susan Wall KA3MEN – KA3MEX, C. W. & Peggy Warren W5CWW – KK5JW, Roy & Evelin Edison KG5TID, Edwin Miller KD0GUE, Rudy & Rita Behrens KE5MUE, Fred & Mary Jane Willman WB9ONV, John Hinkamp AB5KB, Sean & Natalie Michael KD0ULQ, Mary Ellen & Walt Phelps KG5NRV – WA6LII, Catherine & Lloyd Lank N0QQB – KD0I, Anna Ahlman KG5FDF, Paul & Cathy Warren KG5TIF, Jane – sister of Cathy, Patricia & Terry Dean N6WIF – N6WI.

    Submitted by Patricia Dean, Secretary